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Cynthia Berresse Ploski

​            Cynthia Berresse Ploski’s art arises from her personal journey of spiritual awakening that blossomed amid the Anasazi ruins of the Southwest and continues to bloom among the foothills of the Southern Colorado Rockies.
            Although Cynthia has been an artist all her life, moving to the Albuquerque area in 1983 brought her into close association with a national group of professional artists who are connected by the metaphysical belief systems they infuse into their work.  As a juried full member of SLMM (the Society of Layerists in Multi Media,) she exhibited her work with the “Layerists” nationally and abroad in England and France.
            Her work has been published in numerous books, including Artists of New Mexico; Creative Collage; Layering, Art of Time and Space; and Bridging Time and Space.
            Working in many media, she is proficient in collage, oils and watercolors.  Her subject matter, from Anasazi ruins to landscapes to inter-species animal relationships always speak to the connectedness of all things.
            Cynthia Berresse Ploski is also an author and a columnist on arts and culture for the Trinidad Chronicle-News.  Her books include Conversations with my Healers, a chronicle of her recovery from stage 3 breast cancer in 1990, and Chasing the Magdalene, the story of her journey to the south of France to research the legend that Mary Magdalene spent the last 30 years of her life in Provence.
            Books, original artwork and signed, limited edition giclée prints are available from the Corazon Gallery in Trinidad, or may be ordered from Cynthia Ploski at [email protected]